This speargun is dedicated to hunting in the blue and hunting pelagics. This Spartacus was produced in its V2 version with full carbon covering. At the request of the hunter a leonardo 93 reel from ermes has been added. The difficulty of this project resided in the upkeep of the buoyancy of the speargun despite of the addition of a very heavy reel. Available in lengths from 115cm to 120cm the SPARTACUS propels (in its basic set up), a 8mm shaft. As for each model, this speargun is delivered fully equipped and balanced. 

GLADIATOR SPARTACUS (basic setup) : 

SIZE : This speargun is available in 115 cm and 120 cm
SHAFT : 8mm Possibility of mounting a larger diameter to increase penetration (8,5 or 9mm). These larger diameters are recommended for hunting in the Pacific or for tracking large specimens
REEL : Ermes falco 77 (150m capacity in 1,5mm spectra line)
BANDS : One 15mm upper booster band / Two 16mm over rear pulleys / Four 18mm bottom bands
MECHANISME : As on all my spearguns, you will find here a double roller mechanism ermes in its long version modified by ermes specially for my spearguns.
WOOD : As on all gladiator spearguns, this model is designed from a mix of mahogany and iroko. From 7 to 9 laminate layers are necessary to ensure rigidity and buoyancy expected.